Two recognizable names in the Spokane startup community are involved in launching Weddings By Owner LLC to offer a wider selection of wedding venues at a more affordable rate.

Connor Simpson, son of well-known Spokane venture capitalist and etailz co-founder Tom Simpson, and Stay Alfred founder Jordan Allen have teamed up with Devon Herrington, of San Francisco, to launch the startup.

Simpson and Herrington, both of whom are involved in the company’s day-to-day operations, think the business has the potential to do for couples seeking a wedding venue what Airbnb does for people looking to rent short-term lodging.

Allen, who is a founder and adviser of Weddings By Owner but isn’t involved in day-to-day operations, says he agrees with Simpson and Herrington.

“In the same way Airbnb was disruptive to the hotel and lodging industry, I see Weddings By Owner as having the same ability to break the stranglehold on wedding venue services,” says Allen, whose company Stay Alfred offers urban vacation rentals nationwide.

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